Public git Repository

LuaJIT is only made available as source code from a git repository. To access this repository, you need to install the git command for your operating system. Please refer to the git version control system documentation for details.

The read-only public git repository can be cloned (downloaded) with the following command:

git clone

Note: this is not a browsable resource, the repository is only accessible with a git client.

This creates a new directory tree under luajit. Change to this directory, optionally switch to a different branch and then follow the build instructions from the doc/install.html file for that branch.

Please check the status page for details about the different branches and the rolling release policy.

There's also a browsable mirror and a GitHub mirror, which also hosts the issue tracker.

No Release Tarballs or Binaries

LuaJIT uses rolling releases. There are no release tarballs available for download.

Please do not use obsolete versions from older tarballs or zip files. Please remove any outdated links to these downloads — these links will cease to work soon.

Do not use pseudo-releases or tarballs created by third parties. Do not use binaries offered for download by third parties.

Pre-built packages should only be installed via a trusted package manager for your operating system (distro). But you should be aware these often carry old versions that miss important fixes. Before reporting an issue, always try the latest version available from the git repository.

Distro maintainers for distros that require the fiction of a release should do frequent snapshots of a branch. Do not attempt to cherry-pick or backport individual changes, no matter how self-standing individual changes look (because they often are not).