Public git Repository

The public git repository contains the current state of the actively developed branches. You can clone it with the following command:

git clone

Note: this is not a browsable resource, the repository is only accessible with a git client.

This creates a new directory tree under luajit. Change to it, switch to the branch you want to use, and follow the usual build instructions. Use git pull to fetch updates from the (read-only) public repository. There's also a browsable mirror and a GitHub mirror.

The git master branch will be phased out and is pinned to the v2.0 branch. Please follow the versioned branches v2.1 or v2.0 instead.

Releases of Actively Developed Branches

Releases are only made occasionally. You're strongly encouraged to follow the git branches.

Distros that require releases should do regular snapshots of a branch. Do not attempt to cherry-pick or backport individual changes, no matter how self-standing individual changes look (because they often are not).

Note: The tar.gz and zip files of each release have the same contents — you only need to download one of them.

Filename Date .tar.gz .zip
LuaJIT-2.1.0-beta32017-05-011001K ▼1130K ▼
LuaJIT-2.0.52017-05-01830K ▼940K ▼

Historic Releases

This is a list of the archived packages of historic releases. Please consider using the actively developed versions, unless you have special needs.

Filename Date .tar.gz .zip
LuaJIT-1.1.82012-04-16362K ▼423K ▼
LuaJIT-1.0.32005-09-08301K ▼ 

SHA256 Checksums

1ad2e34b111c802f9d0cdf019e986909123237a28c746b21295b63c9e785d9c3  LuaJIT-2.1.0-beta3.tar.gz
874b1f8297c697821f561f9b73b57ffd419ed8f4278c82e05b48806d30c1e979  LuaJIT-2.0.5.tar.gz
42f095d0215d76c29b7b040ad52dddc1783ffc6e3021b8a831627973a8a32862  LuaJIT-1.1.8.tar.gz
e39204aad8d2a3f9ef74a4a515fedf3cce3f55ff247af8ae50f2a8cb01f257c3  LuaJIT-1.0.3.tar.gz