LuaJIT is actively developed and maintained. You can follow the development progress in the git repository, the LuaJIT mailing list and the issue tracker.

Versions and Branches

Branch Maintained Breaking Changes New Features Recommended Use
v2.0 bugfixes no no Compatibility only
v2.1 yes no limited Production
(TBA) yes yes yes Development

Each versioned branch corresponds to a $major.$minor version of LuaJIT.

The old git master branch is phased out and stays pinned to the v2.0 branch. Please follow the versioned branches instead.

Feature and Maintenance Policy

Release Policy

LuaJIT uses rolling releases. The authoritative origin is the git repository from this site. You should regularly pull from the selected git branch to get the latest fixes and developments. No release tarballs or binaries are made available.

Instead of manual increments for each release, the build process uses the POSIX time stamp of the latest commit as the release number of the semantic version. The full version number in the format $major.$minor.$timestamp can be shown with:
luajit -v

If you only have a version number and need to know the related commit, then fill in the parts of the version number in this command:
git show "v$major.$minor@{$timestamp}"

Operating Systems

Server, Desktop and Embedded

OS Min. Version Requirements LuaJIT Versions
Linux     v2.0 –
*BSD     v2.0 –
macOS (OSX) 10.4   v2.1 –
POSIX   mmap, dlopen v2.0 –
Windows 7 x86 or x64, ARM64: TBA v2.0 –


OS Min. Version Requirements LuaJIT Versions
Android 4.0 Recent Android NDK v2.0 –
iOS 3.0 Xcode iOS SDK v2.1 –


OS Min. Version Requirements LuaJIT Versions
PS3   PS3 SDK v2.0 – v2.1 EOL
PS4   PS4 SDK (ORBIS) v2.0 –
PS5   PS5 SDK (PROSPERO) v2.1 –
PS Vita   PS Vita SDK (PSP2) v2.0 – v2.1 EOL
Xbox 360   Xbox 360 SDK (XEDK) v2.0 – v2.1 EOL
Xbox One   Xbox One SDK (DURANGO) v2.1 –
Nintendo Switch   NintendoSDK + NX Addon v2.1 –

The codebase has compatibility defines for some more systems, but without official support.

CPU Architectures

CPU Bits Endianess FP Requirements LuaJIT Versions
x86 32 little FPU v2.1+: SSE2 v2.0 –
x64 64 little FPU   v2.0 –
ARM 32 little FPU + soft ARMv5+, ARM9E+ v2.0 –
ARM64 64 little + big FPU   v2.1 –
PPC32 32 big FPU + soft   v2.0 – v2.1 EOL
PPC/e500 v2 32 big FPU   v2.0 EOL
MIPS32 r1-r5 32 big + little FPU + soft   v2.0 –
MIPS64 r1-r5 64 big + little FPU + soft   v2.1 –
MIPS64 r6 64 big + little FPU + soft   v2.1 EOL
RISC-V 64 little hard RVA22+ (TBA)

There are no plans to add historic architectures or to continue support for end-of-life (EOL) architectures, for which no new CPUs are commonly available anymore. Likewise, there are no plans to support marginal and/or de-facto-dead architectures.